Monday, October 23, 2006

I knew that I knew that guy from somewhere!

Many of my readers know who Jesse and Joanna are. Joanna is the niece of my pastor in Albuquerque, and she just got married to Jesse last month, who is the interim pastor at another church in Albuquerque. Well, the day before the movers came to pack up our stuff in ABQ, we had J & J over for dinner. During the conversation, it came up that Jesse had gone to Summit around (possibly at) the same time that Grant did - the summer of 97. Grant had always said that Jesse looked familiar to him, and when this whole Summit thing came up, he was convinced that they did, in fact, attend the same week of the summer, and that's why he recognized him.

Well, it just so happened that Grant's mom had the video that was made during the week that Grant went to Summit. So of course he had to ask her to send it to us!

Within the first minute of the video we saw him. After watching it some more, we came across this shot... (Jesse's in the blue, Grant's next to him in the white {probably Florida State} t-shirt.)

Now, you'll have to ignore the guy behind them who's trying to hog the spotlight, but there they are, shoulder to shoulder, back in 1997. So Grant did indeed recognize Jesse. How random is that?


  1. Megan7:15 PM

    That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. How random. Grant obviously has an amazing memory. I bet he was so glad to have finally figured out that mystery!

  2. yo_mama8:12 PM

    Yes, he was.

  3. pinky5:42 PM

    That is just so crazy! How bizarre! It wouldn't be quite so bizzare if they were both from Alb - the thing is that one from NM and the other FL - WHOA!!!