Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Jolly Good Weekend

On Friday night our neighbors, Logan and Leslie, had a few of us from the "hood" over for a weinee roast over their fire pit in the front yard. We must've been having a good time getting to know our neighbors better, because we ended up staying there until about 11 pm. Watley was repeatedly teased for his Florida State sweatshirt, but he definitely needed it on that night. For us, it was pretty cold. If it gets too much colder than that, I don't know what I'm gonna do. But I know it will, so I better just get used to it.

Saturday, Grant and I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Waynesville. Most of our entertainment came from just watching some of the people that were attending it, completely dressed up in their medieval garb. Why people even own medieval garb, I'll never know. But they do, and they were out in full force at the Ren Fest. We saw booths that sold medieval weapons, elf ears (I already have my own God-given elf ears, thank you very much), fairy wings, chain maille bikinis, and so much more! We even watched a real-life joust, and saw a medieval wedding.

Then Sunday, we attended church (we decided on Covenant OPC for those who are wondering), came home, had some gourmet bleu cheese burgers, thanks to Grant, and took a nap. All in all, a fantastic weekend! Next weekend, we're planning to go pumpkin picking, so more to come on that.


  1. midieval garb is awesome. don't be jealous.

  2. pinky6:20 PM

    it looks like you guys had a ball. I halfheartily tried to call you this afternoon. I looked at the caller id and then tried to remember your number immediately to call - but my brain cells are still in lockdown mode and that proved to be too much for me - so maybe you should call me!

  3. Kelly3:01 AM

    Pinks, I will call you tonight!!

  4. I wanna go to one of those things so bad!

  5. JFogle12:37 PM

    Sounds like you guys are settled in there and getting aquainted with the midwest. You and Grant always seem to find something interesting to do or at least you make it interesting!! Have fun picking pumpkins!