Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michigan Getaway

*I just realized after typing the title, that it could be interpreted that I want the state of Michigan to get away from me. Instead, it's supposed to mean that I had a get-away in Michigan. But I'm leaving the title, cause I think it's funny. I really do hate coming up with titles for my posts.*

So, this past weekend, I was able to go up to Michigan for my friend, Kellie's, wedding shower. I'm less than 4 hours away, and I was very happy to be close enough to go.

I had a great time of catching up with my girls, and talking wedding stuff with Kellie. She lives in Indiana now, and I think I might go there for her next shower in a couple of weeks. I really feel I need to take advantage of living so close to my friends, because in LA, we won't be close to anyone!!

Here's me with Kellie,on the left, and her sister Jenny, in the middle. I was in Jenny's wedding in Michigan back in July.
The future bride!


  1. Megan8:08 PM

    In LA you won't be close to anyone!?!? I'm insulted!

  2. Kelly3:24 AM

    Oh, Megan, you know what I mean....okay, really there's no way to dig myself out of this hole. I forgot about you and Andy. I'm sorry!! How could I?

  3. Megan8:11 AM

    You are lucky I forgive easily. :-)