Monday, October 16, 2006

New Blogs!

I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out (I love giving those) to a couple of new blogs. Megan (There's Treasure Everywhere) is a new blogger (we've been working on her for a while to get one started), who is almost about to have her first baby - her due date is in less than a week! Megan and her husband, Andy, moved from Albuquerque about a month after Grant and I did, which means that the church (and Albuquerque, for that matter) lost 2 of the coolest couples, EVER! Our prayers are with them as they move into this new phase of their lives.

The next blog is not new at all, but it's new for us. It's our neighbors, Jesse and Catie, along with their 2 cuties Tori and AJ. As soon as we mentioned that we knew someone in Albuquerque that had a Detroit Tigers cornhole set, Jesse immediately knew who it was (Bob!). Jesse and Catie were supposed to be moving to LA when Jesse graduates this coming March, which would've been awesome, because we'd be there a year after they got there. But, Jesse applied to get out of the Air Force, and he got it, which is great news! So now they have the big decision to figure out where Jesse should apply for a job. Our prayers are with y'all, too!


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    I loved reading your blog and seeing the photos of you guys in your new home. Glad to see you are still sewing. The purse is quite a step up from the pillow but not made with as much TLC I'm sure. I'm sure the new machine helped. The purse is a fun idea. How exactly did you do it? I also enjoyed the license plate gift. We missed out on that. I'll have to share that one with Rick. I worked the "Make a Wish" booth at the balloon fiesta Friday night. One of the little girls had her wish granted to see Chuck Norris....little did she know Grant was around. We miss you, but are happy you are settling in well.

  2. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Hey Brenda! We appreciated you and Rick so much, and we still do, with all the work y'all are doing at the house. It's great to hear from you. We miss y'all, too!

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Thanks for your prayers! How fun that half a post was dedicated to our new blog! That's fun!