Sunday, October 15, 2006

Busy, Busy!

Well, it's been another busy week here in Dayton! Let's see...

Tuesday: I went to work. My parents came into town late that night.

Wednesday: I went to work, but my parents met me for lunch in Yellow Springs. We found a totally cool restaurant (The Sunrise Cafe), with great food. I had the Greek gyro, and it was delicious! Later that night, I had a Tastefully Simple party at my house.

Thursday: I went to work, but had a 2-hour lunch, in which my parents and Grant came to meet me in Yellow Springs. We were able to walk around the town, go in all sorts of cute little shops, and then take a drive in the country to look at fall colors. We got our first snow that day! Grant and I were not very thrilled with that at all, but my mom was loving it. Later that night, we went to the newly opened Cheesecake Factory, to celebrate my dad's birthday, which was October 9.

Friday: I went to work (are you seeing a trend here? No time off work...but I won't go there right now), but was able to get off at 3 in the afternoon. I had been working on making a purse. I won't go into all the details, because it would take way too long, but I'd been dying to make a ribbon purse. I got all my materials in before my parents came (I ordered the green ribbon and fabric for the lining on ebay), and I wanted my mom to help me with the sewing part, since I do NOT sew. Well, to make a long story short, my little sewing machine that I already had (Pinky got A & C one just like mine), didn't want to do the job. So, I went to a store that sold used sewing machines, got a fantastic deal on a 3-year old machine, and prayed that it worked. And it did! I was able to completely finish my purse in one night. It's not the best craftsmanship in the world, but it was my first try, so I can't be too hard on myself. I want HONEST opinions about the purse, though, since I am thinking about making more of these for gifts. I've been trying to upload the other picture I have of it, with a view of the lining, but blogspot is being weird right now. Does anyone else have uploading problems with them?

Saturday: We took my parents to the 2nd Street Market, which was a lot of fun! There were all sorts of booths set up, with food, drinks, and doo-dads galore. When we were done there, we took a drive through the Oregon District, which is an old neighborhood, with very cool, very old, very unique houses. Then, it was off to the airport so that my parents could fly back to Pensacola. I'm so glad they were able to make it up here, and that my mom was able to see some beautiful fall colors, which was the main reason she wanted to come here this time of year.


  1. Love the purse - it is really cute. the picture really helps me to see what you were talking about. I want the directions.

    It was good to hear from you tonight. Will call you back soon. Wish you didn't work so i could call during the day.

    I have had trouble uploading pictures and just broke down and downloaded the firefox browser. I never have trouble when using that browser to upload my pictures. It is a very fustrating thing though when it is not working (which is why i got the mozilla firefox thingy).

  2. Kelly3:27 AM

    Pinks, here's where I got the instructions from - And remember, you promised to post a new bloggy!!

  3. Megan8:44 AM

    I love the purse. It's super cute!! I really like the combination of colors.

  4. Kelly6:29 PM

    Thanks, Megan!

  5. Melissa3:24 AM

    I really love the purse, and since I've given up on actually purchasing a pre-made purse that I like, I've resorted to figuring out how to make one!
    How big is it? The instructions make it look really small.
    Thanks for the picture!

  6. Kelly4:44 AM

    I changed the pattern a bit, because I thought the pattern they gave would be too small, too. I'd never done anything like that before, so I just winged it. Their pattern called for it to be 9" wide, and 17 1/2" long (6 1/4" for each side, and 5" for the bottom). Looking at the notes I made (and they're totally chicken scratch), it looks like I made my pattern 13" wide, and 21" long (I broke it down so the sides 7 1/2" tall each, and the bottom would be 6"). Does that make sense?