Monday, February 12, 2007

Bargain Shopper!

**WARNING TO GUY READERS - this post is about shopping, so you might want to stop reading now. Trust me, you don't want to read this.**

After my shopping experience on Saturday, I really think I could be a shopper for one of those get-a-designer-look-for-cheap shows. Let me explain...

I got an Ann Taylor Loft gift card for Christmas that I was waiting to use on something that I really wanted. So I've been looking on their website, browsing their new clothes, and I found it - a very cute red-with-white-polka-dots shirt. Well, Saturday, I went to our Ann Taylor Loft and got the LAST ONE they had in my size (apparently, this is a very popular shirt, and they've sold out pretty quickly - Megan, did you get this shirt, too?). I don't really have any shoes to wear with the shirt, but I was going to wait until it's actually warm enough to wear it to look for shoes. They did have this pair at Ann Taylor Loft, but who wants to spend $69 on a pair of shoes?
Well I went to Payless, just to see what they had, and there they were...almost the exact shoe at Ann Taylor Loft! For $17.99!! (They are more red in person than they look in this picture)

They only had one pair left in my size, so I snatched them up, plus got another pair that was already on sale for an extra half off (gotta love BOGO). Which means, I got 2 pairs of shoes for less than $30. I was pretty proud of myself. Even Grant, arguable one of the most "thrifty" husbands in all the land, couldn't deny the fact that this was a great deal.

Do I have shopping skills, or what?


  1. I didn't get that shirt, but now I'm inspired to go check out what new clothes they have. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Were they nice shoes to walk in? How did they feel when you wore them to Walmart?

  3. i don't know what you're talking about.

  4. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Can you find me a pair of BLUE shoes? I want my shoes to be the "something blue" at my wedding.

    Ps--I love Anne Taylor Loft. We used to have one. But, then they closed, and now there is a stupid children's clothing store in its place.

  5. why would they ever close an Ann Taylor Loft? i could probably single-handedly keep that place in business.