Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I realize that most of my readers could care less about my random, rambling posts about Pensacola, but this is my blog, so therefore posts about my beloved hometown are permitted.

There was a fire at one of my favorite restaurants, Jerry's Cajun Cafe, yesterday. I guess it's not completely gone, but it will take months to rebuild from this (although from this picture, it looks like the damage was pretty severe). This is such sad news!

First of all, Jerry's is hands-down the best cajun food you can get outside of New Orleans or Baton Rouge. I understand that this is a pretty bold statement, and I have no way to prove it, but I'm pretty sure it's true (the seafood gumbo, shrimp poboy, and jambalaya were my faves).

It is/was one of the most popular restaurants in Pensacola.

It's where I went with my family to celebrate my college graduation.

It's where I would buy gift cards for my dad, because even though he's such a picky eater, I was assured that he would never turn down a chance to eat at Jerry's.

When I worked at the front desk of a hotel, and people wanted a non-chain restaurant to go to, it's where I would send them. They would always come back fat and happy, and sometimes Jerry would even send over a muffuletta or jambalaya to show his appreciation.

Anyways, I'm extremely sad that this happened, and I hope they're up and running very soon.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about Jerry's. My dad used to live in P'cola, and I fondly remember Jerry's (as well as other good eats in town).
    Hopefully they will fix it up better than ever (but keep the good PoBoys!)

  2. Wow! Another weird Pensacola connection. Everywhere I go, I meet someone who used to live there, or they know someone who lives there. Very strange!