Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

Well, yesterday Grant and I had our first snow day. Between the time we went to bed on Monday, and woke up Tuesday, we'd gotten about 4 inches of snow. We ended up getting probably 6 inches of snow, and at least 2 inches of ice on top of that. Seriously, it did nothing but sleeted for about 4-5 hours straight. Obviously, not good driving conditions. I had decided not to go into work, even though they were open. Come to find out, they closed around 9:30. The base was closed from the beginning, so Grant had a day off from school.

Today, we obviously have the built-up effects of yesterday. So, since it's still a Level 2 Snow Emergency in Greene County (which is where I work), I decided to take another snow day. The base is on a 4-hour delay (pretty pointless, if you ask me), so Grant will have to go in for his 1:00 class.

We've been staying pretty busy, though. I was very proud of myself for not turning on the TV at all yesterday, except for watching the news and weather first thing in the morning. I did some major, much-needed house cleaning. Grant did some studying and homework. And we both shoveled the driveway. I made a few phone calls, but the only person I talked to was Megan. It was great to catch up with her, since I haven't talked to her since she had little Joey. Later that night, we went to our neighbor's house for dinner and dominoes. It really was a great day, even though we were stuck inside.

Today I'm going to get some more housework done. Since I pretty much cleaned everything yesterday, today I'm focusing on organizing. I have a ton of recipes on scrap paper, notecards, printed from websites, etc, that are just piled on top of my refrigerator. I've been meaning to get them in my recipe book for a while, so today's the perfect day to do that. It will probably take a good bit of time. I'll also be doing a little bit of work from home.

Tonight, Grant and I have dinner reservations at Pacchia, so we'll see if we actually make it there, depending on the roads.

I realize as I'm writing this, that it's probably the most boring post in the world. So to be completely random, and pep it up a little bit, here's a video from 4 years ago, just a few months before Grant and I got married. His family was at my family's house for Easter dinner, and his little brother and I were "fighting." At the end, you can tell that my fighting skills are far better than Ryan's and he concedes defeat. And don't're not going deaf, there's just no sound on this video.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. So, Kelly, I forgot to tell you in the cubicle post that I still have the pink poker nametag you made each of us on the wall of my cubicle--you know, with the cute little martini glass?

    Just thought I'd let you know that.

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen...

  3. mrs. j, that makes me so happy! anna, i am a dancing queen, but i was 22 at the time. but i guess that doesn't really rhyme with queen.

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    i laugh at your puny amount of snow. if you ever want some real stuff, let me know, i'll send it over...

  5. keep it. please.

  6. Anonymous1:38 PM

    are you sure? it's pretty cool. well, if you ever need to baracade yourself in your house or double your commute time for no good reason, gimee a call...

  7. Anonymous9:42 AM