Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last night, Grant threw something away that I never thought he would. His ratty, natty wallet that he's had since he was about 15! Some people back in Albuquerque know how much I hated this wallet. A few years ago, I bought him this really nice leather wallet from American Eagle to try to coax him into replacing his blue velcro one, but he said it hadn't lived up to its full potential yet. Earlier this year, he finally made the switch, but he still held onto the wallet for some reason. Last night, he finally said goodbye.

Look how ratty it was!

Now it's gone - FOREVER! It's a happy day!


  1. No Way!! We were just telling someone about his Velcro wallet on Friday night. I can't believe he got rid of it, but we're very happy for you all that he did :) Have a fun Christmas and 1st Birthday for Kendall!

  2. Boys are totally weird about wallets. I got Bryon to get a new one last year and it took like three stores to find one he'd accept as a replacement and even then, we were there for like forty minutes debating the merits of each one there.

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Why didn't he throw away that shirt too?

  4. And now you're on the other side of the continent and that wallet is in the trash bin at home, about to be carted away to oblivion never to be ripped open again!
    Yay, Grant!