Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo Challenge - Day 13

This isn't a picture, it's a video. But many, many pictures were taken today, because we took Kendall to Target Portrait Studio to get her 1-year pictures taken. More on that later.

But my friend, Ange, was spending the day with us, and we were flipping through the channels, and found a special showing of Celtic Woman on PBS. Ange loves celtic music, and got onto Grant for calling it celtic (with a soft "c" sound, as in the Bostin Celtics. Ange was pronouncing it with a hard "c"). Ange quickly learned that you can't say something like that to Grant without him putting up a fight, so a 20 or 30 minute argument ensued. Here's just a bit of that argument, obviously ending in Grant looking up on Wikipedia which is the correct pronunciation. It was really annoying. But kind of funny, too.

1 comment:

  1. I vote with Ange, but think about it--why SHOULD it be pronounced differently? Same root word. Makes no sense.