Thursday, December 04, 2008

Photo Challenge - Day 4

I'm up bright and early this morning, trying to finish up my last sewing project. So far this week, I've made a Christmas stocking, a few pairs of baby legs (leg warmers), and now I'm working on a blanket - all for Kendall, of course. This is, by far, the most sewing of different things that I've ever done at one time.

I'm not really the most organized crafter, and I would really love to have a craft room, so our dining room is not rendered useless for so long. But, I should be done with the blanket today, so hopefully this mess will be cleared up soon. Okay, after looking at the picture, I realize it doesn't look that messy. But what you don't see is the scraps of fabric laying all over the floor on the side closest to the wall, and the thousands of tiny little threads spread all over the table.


  1. Ah, yes. I, too, have the dining-room-slash-craft-room combo going on over here. Except I've got a stampin' corner, a printin' corner, a paintin' corner, and a sewin' corner. I miss the days of a craft room. :-( If I could just figure out a way to convert the guest bed into a table, I might be in business! :o) Good luck getting the blanket finished!

  2. like your sewing box! :)

  3. Make it work, designers!

    You should post a stocking picture!