Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo Challenge - Days 18 &19

Well, we made it! And these pictures are techinically from the same day, but who cares....

This first one is from the military lounge at the airport in Atlanta. Such a great thing! We got cookies, drinks, doughnuts, chips and salsa - all for free! And Kendall got to play with some toys. It was a nice little escape from the regular terminal, and gave Kendall a chance to roam around and play before our flight to Pensacola.

This next picture, we had Kendall walk to meet my mom at the airport. My mom was just a little excited to see her.


  1. I love the USO rooms at airports. They have saved my tail more than I care to remember! And it's all run by donations and volunteers! Awesome! I should check now to see if any of the airports we'll see the next few weeks have a USO room. :o)
    Have a great vacation! And happy birthday to sweet Kendall!!

  2. I love the picture of Kendall walking to your mom! That's momentous!!!

  3. tinka what what7:45 PM

    once she passes that point she has to continue to exit! i hope you didn't let her just turn around...