Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Photo Challenge - Day 2

This is kind of a weird picture to do for a photo challenge, but here's the story...

Last night, Grant and I went to Urban Outfitters at the Del Amo Fashion Center to pick out a White Elephant gift that he needed for his office Christmas party. I should've taken my camera (and I meant to take it, but forgot) to take pictures of the outdoor promenade of the mall, because it was so beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Anyways, since I didn't take it, I took a picture of my proudest purchase from the night. I loved Mad Libs as a kid. Grant's childhood, apparently, was severely lacking in this area, because he'd never even heard of Mad Libs until I told him about them, which I've been doing for years.

Last night, at Urban Outfitters, I found this HUGE book of them! I got so very excited, and am still very excited - thus, the picture of the day.


  1. My brother and I used to do MadLibs all the time! Except, since he was older than me, he understood that "noun" meant more than "person," and would use that in goofy ways. Like, once, he said "Albuquerue" when the sentence clearly wanted a person! It was funny for him, and very frustrating for (perfectionist) me! :o) Oh, good times. Have fun with it! I hope Grant does, too! You'll have to share some of your MadLibs with us from time-to-time. :o)

  2. I feel sorry for Grant, but it is never too late for him to love Mad Libs. How many of you put things like "Stinky" for adjectives and other such crudeness?!