Friday, January 23, 2009

Flight of the Conchords

There's this show on HBO called Flight of the Conchords. When we were still living in the hotel, before we moved into our house, the TV had HBO and I would see these commercials for the show, but I never caught it when it was on, but it looked really funny from the previews. So, I rented the first disc and laughed through the whole thing.

The premise of the show is these 2 guys from New Zealand that are living in New York City, and they're in a 2-man band, called the Flight of the Conchords. During the show, they'll break out into these random music videos. They're so not talented, but so funny!

Anyways, I've still only seen the first disc (there's only 2 discs for the first season, and they're on the second season now on HBO), so I've been kind of in a Flight of the Conchords rut, watching videos on YouTube over and over again. Here's one of my favorites.


  1. You need to put Eagle vs. Shark on your Netflix if you thought that was funny. The guy with the plaid coat is in it. It's sort of a weird movie, kind of indie but it was pretty funny once you got into it. Bryon and I liked it.

  2. Great show...hilarious! My favorite song is "The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)" don't remember what episode it was on, but it's on their album.

  3. rachel, i'll have to check that out!

    ryan, that's from the very first episode, i think. that's one of my favorites, too.

  4. Kelly, I probably shouldn't admit this, but I don't think Dan and I have ever laughed so hard in our lives as we did at a YouTube clip of Flight of the Conchords performing "Business Time" live on a special they did for HBO. It's not as funny to me in the context of the original episode, but the live performance is priceless. Still, it's hard to beat any song where I guy sings "You could be a part time model."

  5. NZ is very proud of bret and jermaine (that and professional sheep shearing). i love this show on so many levels... now that i live here i 'get' it! white toast, the accents, too funny!