Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Why, you may ask, did we have a snow day in LA? I might butcher this, so in a nutshell, the headquarters of the base (that's the part I don't know about - Grant said this affected everyone he knew) are located in Colorado Springs. They get a ski day every year, and since they get a ski day, everyone here got a snow day!

How, you may also be asking yourself, did we spend this snow day? Well, we thought about spending it snowboarding. But after realizing that the only way we could go snowboarding with a toddler would be to alternate turns, and that I really, really hate snowboarding by myself, especially when I haven't been in about, maybe, 3 years, and we really didn't want to drive about an hour and a half one way, I talked Grant out of it. He said that it would actually be nice to have a low-key kind of day anyway. So he suggested we go to the beach.

That was an absolutely perfect plan! The temperature was about as perfect as it could be, and since it was a weekday, there was hardly anyone there. We saw a ton of dolphins, and Kendall had a blast - overcoming her initial fears of the loud waves, and the ickiness of the sand. Seriously, she was covered in sand by the time we were ready to leave (and totally freaked out when we took her to the showers to clean off). She became Miss Independent took off all over the place in search of who knows what.

We had so much fun, I was thinking that it might be a nice little play date for Melissa and Mookie to join us on sometime!!

This was actually only the first part of our low-key snow day. So stay tuned for the second half.


  1. Oh my STARS!!! I love Kendall's little bathing suit! So chic. :o)
    And Mookie and I will be happy to join you. She'll probably eat half the beach, and instead of footprints, it will look more like sidewinder prints in the sand...but I'm sure it'll be fun! :o) How does March sound?

  2. If Austin would stop throwing sand on cute, unsuspecting girls I would totally crash that play date! He is such a boy in that sense! From what I could tell from your pictures you were right where Austin and I go running while Paige has dance class, her studio is a block from there :-)

  3. Great pictures! I don't think either of you could have had a better idea. I especially like the last one--so adorable!

  4. You make me want to move to CA! Looks like you had a great time! We are supposed to go skiing in 2 weeks. I am not sure how I will do leaving Dane for the day, so I am not nearly as excited as I normally would be. Great choice heading for the beach!

  5. tinka what what3:06 PM

    the footprints photo is beautiful!