Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Okay, Jasmine's comment made me realize that I didn't explain some things about our little playdate.

So, Megan and I planned this thing a couple of weeks ago. Then, on Saturday, we called to finalize details. We'd had a few rainy days, so Megan checked the weather, and it said 50% chance of rain. We ended up saying that we would play it by ear, because, after all, this is California, and it really just doesn't rain that much.

So, the night before, I checked the weather again. Nothing really about rain, but it did say that the high would be 58 degrees. That's pretty chilly for playing-outside-weather, but I just planned to bring blankets, and sweaters for Kendall.

I wore a thick wool sweater myself, and as I'm driving into Laguna, I see people wearing tank tops and shorts, and I'm thinking I'm WAY too overdressed. Sure enough, I think the temp actually reached something like 75? How in the world they predicted 58, I have no idea. As you can see from the pictures, it was a GORGEOUS day. And even though I was doing some sweating, I had no complaints.

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  1. I'm so proud that I inspired a whole blog post! :) I love Google Reader and the fact that it's on my google homepage. I can keep up with blogs and facebook while I send Texas state representatives and senators their photos.

    It really is cold here. It was 80 on Friday and it might freeze tomorrow. Austin doesn't have anything in place to deal with ice on the roads, so we'll just be stuck at home, yep the whole city.