Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Day - Part 2!

Before I talk about the rest of our snow day, check out this super cute video from our time at the beach...

So, once we were done at the beach, we made our way to South Pasadena. We'd heard about this old-timey soda fountain place there (we saw something about it on the Food Network) that looked really interesting, and we'd been wanting to go there. It was a perfect time for Kendall to take her nap, too, since it's just under an hour to get there.

And to kill even more time, so she could get a few more nap minutes in, we'd gotten the addresses for some houses that were used in Back To The Future, and decided to track those down. (See this post for other Back To The Future hunts)

She woke up right in the middle of all this fun (honestly, I think she woke up hearing our excited voices saying, "There's George McFly's house!!!"), so once we got done with that, we went to the Soda Fountain, which was only about a mile away. It was such a cool little place! Grant got an egg cream (we didn't really know what that was, but he decided to try it anyway. It tasted like a Yoo-Hoo), and I got a chocolate-peanut butter malt. Yum!

After that, since we were in that area, we decided to stop by Auntie Em's Kitchen in Eagle Rock for a couple more of those fabulous Red Velvet cupcakes (see the same link to the post I listed above)! My intent was to have the cupcakes today, since we already had some pretty sweet treats yesterday, but Grant couldn't wait to have his. I think he had half of his yesterday, and the other half today. I waited until today to have mine. One of these times, we're going to have to actually have a meal at Auntie Em's, because both times I've been in there, the smells are intoxicating.

So that's that. That's how us Californians spend a snow day. Sorry to those of you who are in snow- or ice-covered places right now, but I put in my 2 miserable winters, and am happy to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather!! Y'all can always come for a visit!

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  1. Grandma4:37 AM

    Oh my, this is the cutest! She really means business. Amazing that she knows Grant won't hear her unless she raises her voice! I think she's pretty young to have grasped this--typical baby genius stuff!