Saturday, January 03, 2009


I use the word "home" so many different ways. When telling people where we were going for the holidays, I said, "home to Florida." But now that we're back in California, we're home. I guess there can be multiple definitions for the word. My Florida home has all of our family there (with a few exceptions - My sister and her family live a few hours away in Georgia, but they came down for a week; Grant's brother John is deployed to Iraq; and then of course, Grant's other brother Ryan is in our future Home). So many of our friends are still in Pensacola, too, so in that sense, it feels like home. I really enjoyed running into people I knew all over town.

But, then, there's nothing like being at our current home. Just the 4 of us (that includes Watley), in our own house, own bed, own kitchen, own space. It's just nice.

So, we're back home. We had a wonderful trip. I really felt that Kendall got to know so many of her family members. She established wonderful relationships with her Grandmas especially - many times preferring them to me.

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  1. Oh how I concur. It is so good to be back in our own home. Welcome back! :o)