Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another post about food

It seems alot of my posts are about food. But who doesn't like food?

So, I'm trying out a new recipe--Tiramisu Cheesecake. I licked the beaters, which I'll never be too old to do, and it was delectable (that's my fancy word for Summer, so it looks like I'm smart enough to actually be her friend), so hopefully the whole thing will turn out good. I felt like an idiot because I went to 3 grocery stores trying to find lady fingers, which I'd never bought before, so I didn't know where to look or, really, what I was looking for. I was so excited I found them at Raley's, that I bought 2 packages, just in case I needed more than 1, and couldn't find them again.

I hope I make this again, otherwise, I have a huge bottle of Starbucks coffee flavored liquer just sitting in my pantry.


  1. in case anyone cares, the tiramisu cheesecake turned out amazing! it was just the right amount of coffee-flavoring.

  2. I care, I do. Glad to hear it.