Friday, February 10, 2006

Martha Stewart--Eat your heart out!

I'm so proud of myself for the dinner I made tonight! I was going to make chicken stir fry, then realized at the last minute that I didn't have chicken broth. Neither of us wanted to go to the store to get some, so I said I'd experiment.

Earlier in the day, I was watching the Isaac Mizrahi show (which is extremely annoying, but I always seem to watch it), and he had Rocco DiSpirito on. He was making something like fish or chicken, and he made a lemon butter sauce to go over top of it. It sounded good, but I didn't have the recipe or anything.

So I tried it, and it turned out awesome! This is the first time I've ever made anything without first having a recipe.

The meal was cut up cooked chicken over rice with my experimental lemon butter sauce over top. The sauce had butter, lemon juice (obviously), ground pepper, salt, then (because it tasted too buttery) I decided to add some cooking wine and a little bit of lime juice, cause I was out of lemon juice. Delish!


  1. Hey girl! Way to go about the impromptu dish. Every time I try to do something from a TV show it never turns out right. I should come hang out with you and let some of your Martha-ness rub off on me. Love the Watley photo, too. He thinks he is the man, doesn't he?

  2. i'm very surprised that it turned out the way it did. but now that you're gonna be a fellow westsider, you'll definitely have to come hang out more. especially when the hubby's are away!

  3. Me too. We can have blog meetings and post entries together and then comment on each other's entries and postings as well.

  4. Sounds like a great idea to me, Summer! I vote for secret handshakes and code names as well. The first club meeting should be soon.