Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's all starting to sink in...

So, we're moving in August. To Ohio. Which we're not exactly thrilled about, mainly because we've grown to love Albuquerque and the people here, but also because, well, it's Ohio.

We will truly miss Albuquerque--the mountains, the balloons, the lack of humidity--we've loved every minute of it! We've also made some life-long friends here, and it will be very hard to leave them behind.

So as I sit here and begin to think about getting our house ready to sell, wonder what kind of house we'll get in Dayton, hope we have enough warm clothes to survive the Ohio winters, pray that Watley doesn't literally freeze to death in said winters, hope we find a good church and make great friends, etc., it is all starting to sink in.


  1. Sorry you're sad to leave. We are with ya! Sometimes I feel like I'd drive 17 hours just to eat an eclair at the Flying Star! Yumm... And we kinda miss our friends too. A lot. I miss a lot of things but we also enjoy our new place and although we still get butterflies meeting so many new people, they've all been really great. Hang in there and hope you have a great last Spring in Abq!

  2. gorgeous photo and house. don't worry, we'll come see you in dayton, if we have to move to LA.

  3. jazzy, you're right about those eclairs at the flying star! i went there a couple of weeks ago with people from church, and got grant one. of course, i had to taste test it first. YUMMY!

    cheri, yeah, dayton's still on the way, i guess. y'all should still go through the ABQ even if we're not there. it's a cool city.

  4. Good news! I made a deal with the president of USAF and you guys can stay! Of course you have to work for me now without pay, but you get to stay!

  5. you're funny, summer...president of the USAF. sounds like me when grant has to go TDY. i always tell him the commander sent out an "all-call" email, and that no one has to go on TDYs anymore.

  6. President of the Air Force, eh? That doesn't sound right to me. I'll have to ask Grant about that--he's a genious when it comes to AF matters.

    PS: This isn't Grant