Monday, February 27, 2006

Dreaming of the Gulf Coast

I just turned on the travel channel and saw a show about people looking for vacation homes. They were in the Orange Beach, Alabama area, which is basically the Pensacola area. It reminded me of how much I miss the beaches down there.

For one whole summer I lived at my parents condo in Perdido Key in Florida, and worked at Souvenir City in Orange Beach, Alabama. That condo has been destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. In fact, that whole area just isn't the same anymore after the recent hurricanes. But the sands are still sugar-white, the water is still emerald-green. I truly believe that the most beautiful beaches in the world are found in the small stretch between Gulf Shores, Alabama and Destin, Florida.

Growing up in Pensacola, the best (and usually, the only) thing to do was to go to the beach during the spring and summer months. I have so many beautiful memories from the beach (and some scary, funny memories), so the beach will always have a special place with me.

I remember going to the beach during Memorial Day weekend, and quickly realizing that I didn't belong there (it was Gay Pride weekend).

I remember getting caught in a terrible thunder storm with Carrie, and having to drive back across the 3-mile bridge, barely being able to see 3 feet in front of me from the torrential rains.

I remember going to see the Blue Angels fly over the water, and some drunk, hairy, old guy asking me to put lotion on his back, and I did for some reason.

I remember convincing my friend, Kellie, to go to Pensacola beach (which was off-limits) while she was a student at the college, telling her no one would recognize her. But of course she did get recognized, and we were both scared that she was going to get kicked out, but luckily, she never got found out.

And the pinnacle of all beach memories, was when Grant and I got married on the beach--something I always dreamed of doing, and that dream came true! I could go on and on, but I digress.


  1. How wonderful! You are beautiful always, but what a beautiful bride you were. I've never been to Florida but someday we'll have to go and visit your lovely home and all the beaches there.

  2. i too grew up on the beach and unless you have, one can never understand the way you truely miss the ocean and sands. it's depressing the thing they'll call a beach in upstate new york.