Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I love my wonderful husband!

So, as I stated earlier, Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday in the least. But this year, it was pretty darn nice (we've had some not-so-nice V-days in the past--sickness, name it)!

We went to a beautiful dinner at Terra American Bistro. We had baked brie for an appetizer, which was awesome, even though the annoying lady behind us said it was terrible (how can you not like brie?). Grant had the free-range chicken with veggies, and I had the grilled salmon over stuffed phyllo. Yummy!

Then, even though we weren't supposed to buy each other anything this year, Grant got me exactly what I wanted--Elizabethtown on DVD! I mentioned that I wanted it long before we made the pact to not buy each other anything. So I was thinking I wasn't getting it, but deep down hoping I was. I think my husband is probably the most thoughtful person in the world--but I could be a little biased.

He didn't totally understand why a DVD brought me to tears, but it meant alot to me.


  1. and on top of all that, he's hot too.

    am i allowed to say someone else's husband is hot?

    well i said it.

  2. yes you are. he is very hot. would you concur, yo_momma?

  3. Yes!!! Probably the best looking man I've ever laid eyes on.