Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm convinced that my dog is not only the sweetest, but also the funniest dog in the world. He makes me and my husband laugh--constantly!! I just walked into our bedroom (which Watley thinks is HIS bedroom), and saw him laying on the bed (which he definitely thinks is his)with his tongue hanging out. He kept it out long enough for me to get the camera from the other room and take his picture. Right after I took the picture, he started rolling all over the bed, grunting, like he was mad at me for laughing at him. In the 2 years that we've had him, he has never been a "tongue-hanger-outer." Until today.


  1. My favorite! Next time you two decide to cross the Atlantic, pass Watley our way. I'm still going with my premise that he's a deer, not a dog. In fact, I'm going to start calling him Deery Lou if you don't mind.

    Three cheers for the cutest deer in the state!

  2. No. If you're a Jeromin you have to call him 'Dudley' Lou.

  3. that's the weirdest looking dog ever. you should admit him into contests...maybe he could get on that mario lopez show.