Friday, February 17, 2006

We're not THAT poor...

We're not swimming in money right now, but by the look of Grant's pants (or as I like to call them, "Granny's panties"), you would think that our job is to stand by the off-ramp of Jefferson from I-25 with a sign that says, "Need some help. God bless!"


  1. Love your blog! It is so much fun, and you can tell Grant that it is much cheaper than scrap booking. Maybe now he can buy himself some newer pants. I was in Am. Eagle today and thought of you. Nothing in that store fits me. Oh well. And the double stroller just doesn't fit in there either. Kristin likes the picture of "Wataley." Take Care, Jasmine

  2. That is great. Did you get Grant to stand still for that photo or did you take it while he wasn't looking? I agree that it might be time for new blue jeans. Sorry we didn't make it to your house today, Dan just got back into town today and we needed to spend today just hanging out and kind of evaluating the house situation. We've been trying to make some big decisions via cell phone for the last week and that hasn't been the best. I hope the Back to the Future marathon was great, and thank you for inviting us. See you tomorrow.

  3. well, the good thing is, those were his "dumpy" jeans, anyways, so it wasn't a big loss.

    jazzy (we like to call you jazzy), glad you like the blog. watley liked the pictures of kristin and shannon, too. weird!

    haley, we totally understand that y'all couldn't make it yesterday. you do have a lot going on right now! you missed some scrabble after the trilogy, though. mike kicked our butts.

  4. you were just looking for an excuse to post a picture of your husband's behind. admit it. you're not fooling any of us.