Monday, February 08, 2010

Insanity - Day 1

Okay, I'm sitting here in a pool of my own sweat to blog about my first day.

It was the Fit Test.

I'm pretty sure I failed.

What did I just get myself into????


  1. What? No picture? What's insanity if it isn't taking pictures of yourself in a pool of your own sweat? :o)

  2. I've seen that info commercial. it's looks crazy! I love the idea of using your own body though, no equipment. Keep us updated!

  3. yay for insanity! Summer and i are doing stroller strength! she says it reminds her of when you two took that hip hop class! miss ya!

  4. A pretty sweet video for you blog might be yo_mamma's spy-cam footage of said dance class.