Friday, February 12, 2010

Insanity - Day 5

I didn't think I could sweat any more than I had with the other workouts, but I was wrong. Today was "Pure Cardio." My legs gave out on me for a bit during the workout, so that was fun.

A few people have asked in different ways why I'm doing this, and I don't really know how to answer it except that I just want to be in good shape, and I'd like to fit in my jeans better than I do now, and I'd like to lose my baby belly, since there's no baby in there anymore.

I do well with variety, and this definitely offers variety. Also, I don't have to leave home to do it, so that's a big plus. And the workouts are short (30-45 minutes each, although they seem never-ending while I'm doing them), and that's another big plus for me.

I'm also trying to follow the nutrition guide pretty closely, although I did have 2 chocolates the other day, and a bite of a red velvet cupcake yesterday...I'm trying, but I can't be perfect, you know? I have a serious sweet tooth, so I think I'm doing pretty good with it.

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  1. J. Spear3:55 AM

    Kelly, it sounds like "Insanity" is insane. I'm glad you're "enjoying" it so far. Just stay consistent with it and you'll get where you want to be. Gambatte kudasai!(rough translation: fight/do your best)