Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insanity - Day 10

I officialy HATE Shaun T. - the Insanity fitness guy. Seriously.

But in a good way.

Today was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit which I've done twice before. Some parts of it, I'm able to do - maybe not better, but longer. The right side of my butt was killing me, though, so that slowed me down some.

Grant said I should mention a little something about the Insanity Nutrition. It's not bad, really. There's a formula you do to figure out how many calories you should be getting in a day, and then depending on if you want to gain or lose weight, you can add or subtract calories to each meal. There's guide that comes with the DVDs that has several 300 calorie meals, and then it tells of ways to increase it to 400 or 500 calorie meals. You're also supposed to eat 5 times a day.

I've been following it pretty closely, although I did have chocolate fondue on Valentine's Day.


  1. Keep at it! I've heard it never stops sucking...which is a good thing I guess?

  2. I love your dedication, Kelly! I would have given up long ago. Who am I kidding...I never would have even started! :-)