Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fancy Party

I mentioned before, that Grant was up for a big award. Well, last night was the banquet where the winners were announced. Grant didn't win, but we enjoyed our time out of the house at the "fancy party," which is how I described where we were going to Kendall.

Grant's been in the Air Force almost seven years now, and we've never been to anything formal, so it was fun to get all dressed up. We clean up pretty nice!


  1. WOW! You two look awesome. I am totally impressed. Love you!

  2. You look beautiful! You guys should TOTALLY go to more formal events together. :o)
    If there was an award for best-looking couple, you would had won by a million votes. :o)
    (and from what Dave said, there wasn't much room for me and my belly there since there were SO many people! I was perfectly comfy in my sweats.)

  3. Yay! I've been looking forward to seeing you in that dress ever since you told me about it on Monday. You look beautiful. Too bad Grant didn't win, but what an honor to get that far! Congrats, Grant!

  4. Yes, you look amazing! Insanity clearly rocks and the pashmina is PERF.

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Yes, y'all look GREAT. I love the dress. You made a handsome couple!