Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mimosas, Frittatas and Muffins...Oh My!

We've just come to the end of a great visit from two of Grant's college roommates, Nathaniel, and Rory, and Rory's wife, Anne. Saturday morning, we planned to have a brunch, and it was yummy!

I made a biscuit frittata and bacon, Anne made "to die for" blueberry muffins, and we had mimosas...Grant even experimented with a "milkmosa," but I don't think he wants to talk about that. Anyways, everything looked so pretty, we all took pictures before we dove in.

We ate every last bite, and it was delicious!

This little cutie was good enough to eat, but we refrained ourselves.

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  1. TINKhomie8:19 AM

    mm, yum. and cam is SO stinking cute...ALMOST makes me want my own bebe. almost.