Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You can tell where I spend my time...

This was the conversation Kendall and I just had while I was cleaning our bathroom:

Kendall, pointing to the bathtub: Kendall's bath?

Me: Yes, that's Kendall's bath.

Kendall: Kendall's bath toys?

Me: Yes, those are Kendall's bath toys.

Kendall: Target?

Me: No, they didn't come from Target, they came from a different store.

Kendall: Joann's?

So there you have it folks. In Kendall's mind, everything comes from either Target or Joann's. Grant's gonna love this.


  1. HAHA! Kate refers to all stores as "Target." At one point she was calling apple juice "Target juice" because they had a really good sale on it one week and I bought a ton. Yeah. We are big fans too. Hey, it could be worse. You and I could be spending all our time in Ann Taylor LOFT.

  2. That's a very good point, Haley. :)

  3. Hey, what about IKEA????

  4. tinker stinker1:42 PM

    that's ok. i swear Carrie's kids do the same thing.

  5. that is so great. I would be proud if I were you :)

  6. "Joann's" should be like a 4 letter word.