Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Had To...

I had no choice.

It wasn't my fault, though.

If Susie hadn't said anything on her Facebook about it, I would've never known.

Because, even though I link to Bakerella, I never go there, because it's a danger zone for me.

But I went there, and saw it, and was helpless to it's peanut-buttery-chocolatey-goodness.

I mean, can't you just see the moistness in it?

You can, right?

It's the buttermilk, people. The buttermilk.

Insanity, what?

I'm so weak.


  1. SO convenient that your knees and ankles are still hurting...
    (think the pain might be from propping up that plate on your knee?)

  2. Hey girl! You have a blog! So do I-I never think to *ask* people I talk to fairly often...but here you are!

    Yummy cake!!! Moistness is what I strive for-I will use buttermilk next time. YUM!

  3. I will not be able to rest until that cake is on a plate in front of me and there is a fork in motion to my mouth.

    I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for both you and Bakerella at that time. :)

  4. YUM. yum and some more yum.

  5. In high school I was really into Susan's Powter's diet book which was called "Stop the Insanity." This came out in 1993 and was heavily influenced by Sinead O'Connor. You definitely seem to be stopping the INsanity!

  6. Dear Friend, I am very sorry that I led you into this temptation...well actually I'm not. Actually I really wish I had been there to devour the yummy chocolate and peanut butter goodness with you! At least now you saw, you baked, you ate and it was amazing! I still have to make it. I'm hoping an event will appear on my calendar soon. In the meantime I'll keep exercising as I anticipate the 5 lbs that I will automatically gain from indulging in this masterpiece!

  7. this looks so amazing. I have been wondering what to do with the rest of that buttermilk on the fridge....hmmmm.